The Great American Shit Test


“Shit Test: A test that a girl performs on a male by saying or doing something to judge the reaction or response from him.” (Urban Dictionary)


The United States is currently in the midst of a massive, nationwide shit test of unprecedented proportions.

American women have collectively issued this shit test, and American men have failed over and over, digging themselves deeper into the hole.

From welfare, to domestic violence laws, to abortion, to campus rape “reform,” to pink ribbons on football jerseys, women have continued to test the boundaries and try to make the men of this country say “NO” to them, the sexiest word they can hear.

But men continue to acquiesce to the demands of these pantsuit-clad agents of terror, and in turn, women have become ever more frenzied in their panicked desire to feel secure in the control of strong men’s leadership once again.

So they ask for more and more, hoping to find a ceiling and rub up against our manhood, but we continue to fail and deny them this reassurance.


Our society is greater than, but also a projection of, our individual parts. So, if something doesn’t work on a micro level, it can’t work on the macro level.

So imagine if you as an individual man treated an individual woman the way things have played out on the national level:

It’s your first date. You apologize for only showing up 10 minutes early, explaining you wanted to come even earlier to prove you weren’t an uncaring, evil asshole like all men inherently are.

You tell her to take whichever seat she prefers and order whatever she wants, because even though you acknowledge she is inherently better than you in every way, you will still act chivalrous towards her in reparation for the years of oppression your sex enacted upon hers. She should consider it tribute.

She begins feeling uneasy, but wonders what else she can get from you. She hates you already, but is not one to turn down such an easy deal.

After picking up the check, you give her a polite peck on the cheek, and then immediately turn yourself in to the police for attempted rape.

On your second date, you discover she is pregnant by another man. She gladly shares all the details with you, proudly stating how it “just felt right” with the escaped convict she met at a highway rest stop.

You congratulate her, lauding her divine feminine nature, and immediately offer to support the baby. She asks if you’re serious– after all, she is still basically a stranger– but you eagerly assuage her doubts. She will be fully taken care of from here on out. She looks like she is gagging on some food and trying not to retch, but it’s probably just a coincidence.

Soon after, you discover that all of her friends have heard about your offer, and have all decided to get pregnant by ex-cons too, because they are also practical women who aren’t ones to turn down a good deal.

Now things are getting serious with your girl. She asks you for a diamond ring, a new flatscreen, cheap healthcare that you’ll subsidize for her by paying more (even though you go to the doctor far less), and a year’s rent for her new apartment.

Any time you resist her demands, she shifts her legs uncomfortably, as if something between them were stirring. Then she asks louder, and you always agree. It seems like her face belies disappointment, but that wouldn’t make sense… You just gave her exactly what she wanted, didn’t you?

Eventually, she complains louder and more angrily any time you don’t bend over backwards for her. You must keep inventing new ways to sacrifice for her. She has stopped taking care of herself, gaining over 100 pounds, while dressing like a man. The uglier she gets, the harder you try to please her, hoping just a little more happiness will set her back on the right course.

But eventually, this whole system collapses. You have no more time, money, or energy to expend on her. You have given her everything she could want and more, and yet she despises you for it. She is still a miserable monster, an empty cavern with no heart, soul, or discernible sign of femininity.


If we continue to fail the Great American Shit Test, our nation will have the same fate as every individual failed relationship in which the man did not hold the woman accountable, make her do her part, and maintain the fundamental balance of the sexes. The system will collapse, as it gets more lopsided and becomes unsustainable.

Women will never respect men again until we take the initiative to make them. That is the only way women know how to respect men.

And that is the only way to restore our culture, and our nation, to a brighter future.

10 thoughts on “The Great American Shit Test

  1. When do you think “The Great Shit-Test” started? In the 1960s when feminism started to enter mainstream consciousness? Or how about in 1861 when it was decided that the mother should receive automatic custody of the children in the case of divorce?

  2. I agree, Remember the saying “When men were men and women were grateful?”
    But all is not lost. I believe we can turn this ocean liner called Western Dissent around!
    Let’s all practice saying no to women.

  3. “After picking up the check, you give her a polite peck on the cheek, and then immediately turn yourself in to the police for attempted rape.”

    Laughed so hard at this. Great article and Great point man.

  4. Thank you! I have been looking all over for this.

    Exactly where I have finally found the connection between Socialism, gun control, feminism and the manosphere. Exactly.

  5. Through the need for equal rights an imbalance has definitely occurred; with many women now acting like children by ‘doing what they did to me'; this is not equal rights or what I would rather call equal respect. It is yet to occur. There is still an insidious lack of respect for women amongst men & an equally insidious lack of respect for men amongst women which now through law is able to come to fruition. I mean seriously why do men get no say when it comes to their children? & I know for a fact that some women have driven men to incidental violence against them but its his fault not hers. While rape is punished with a slap on the wrist & the media portrays women as various body parts rather than human beings. Both parties are at fault & both parties need to get over it.
    There are many things we can learn from each other. We just need to be open to it. We as humans need to realise this concept of what occurs on the micro affects the macro. I like the shows men how to be men & interact with women more effectively. But like anything it can have a dark side. sigh.. people take life so seriously. the real question I or are they insane?

  6. The main problem with all these thoughts is that they are mainly addressed to men. I came to realize lately that while the manosphere expands and grows, men have the luxury to find a shelter in many different sources of knowledge (blogs, forums etc).

    Most of them hurt and humiliated by a stupid chick they need a place to empower their hope for a better and brighter future. Eventually, once they internalize all the redpill concepts they start investing in themselves like there is no tomorrow and consequently they become strong minded individuals who have managed to escape from social norms and can actually start working towards a creation of a more ideal society.

    Women on the other hand have nothing! Name me one respectable blog or website that can actually help women escape the female imperative and guide them towards a more honest, humanistic and respectable lifestyle.


    This is the main problem and this will always be. No matter how hard we as men try to balance between alpha/beta and keep investing in ourselves, this attempt will never flourish if women don’t realize their role and responsibility in this.

    Women don’t need choices. Women need direction.

  7. Your premise is pretty fucked dude. It isn’t that they want to be told “no” as some sort of flirty courtship with the political zeitgeist, it is a genuine desire for control and power to flip the script toward a matriarchy.
    Every chick is for feminism, from the pudgy bull dykes who need relevance where they’d otherwise be relegated to the dustbin of history to that hot blonde number that likes to be choked in bed but will be perfectly happy having total control of your check and children if it suits her flights of fancy.

    The only time they desire men’s leadership and dominance in the greater social context is when they’re left standing with the things they’ve broken in their hands, sobbing because they can’t put them back together.

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